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. one of the most congested spots in the entire south bay about to get a makeover. the ground breaking just ended. i'm christie cook. we'll give you a preview plus tell you why it will be so much easier to get to the mall when it's all over. that story coming up. careful, you don't want to hurt yourself. it's weather whiplash around the bay area. summer to winter. and dozens of people braving the cold this morning to get a helping hand for their families. we'll let you know how you can also sign up for help. the news at 11:00 starts now. >> announcer: nbc bay area news starts now. good morning, everybody. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. and i'm marla tellez. san jose police are investigating a homicide. someone called 911 early this morning from a home on
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evangeline drive. this is near santa theresa and blossom avenue. police say they found a dead woman inside. >> init think they believed it might have been a medical emergency, but once they furthered their investigation they realized that it appeared to be a homicide situation. >> we do have a crew on the scene and we will bring you more information just as soon as it becomes available. this is the 41st homicide of the year in san jose compared to 39 at this time last year. and other top story of the day, all that wet and cold weather out there. some places even seeing some freezing temperatures at this point. >> christina lauren joins us. is it going to be like this all weekend? >> it is going to be cold. we'll be done with the showers for the second half of the weekend. you can get out. >> little bit of sunshine. >> little bit of sunshine. we hit records. just about. you'll get those numbers tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. it does look like we're on track
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to break a couple of records. taking a live look at clear conditions at san francisco at this point. near record lows in santa rosa, oakland, napa, gilroy, san francisco. national weather service has to verify whether or not we dipped below 32 degrees in santa rosa, and i do believe at one point we did this morning. so jeff's going to update you on that tonight. right now i'm updating you on some showers that are continuing to linger across the bay area. spotty and light. this will be the pattern we'll see tonight into tomorrow. pretty good batch of rain on the way to places like santa rosa in the next 15 minutes. more moisture. one more wave to get through before we start to clear out for the second half of your saturday. it all works out like this. what to expect. on and off spotty showers. isolated thunderstorms will come into play as we get warmer this afternoon. now that the sun is out that chance is actually ramping up a little bit. rain/snow mix down to 2,000 feet. light accumulation above 3,000
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feet. we had snow along mount hamilton and mount diablo this morning. wind gusts will continue. 20 to 30 miles per hour. want to help you make the weekend plans. more wet weather along the way. we'll sort it out. >> record lows? >> yes. >> correct me if i'm wrong, we had record highs monday and tuesday? >> very unusual. no consistency for us. >> mother nature sprinkling it all on us. >> the rain and cold did not stop dozens of families from spending the night outdoors in san jose. they wanted to feel a little holiday warmth later this month. almost 200 people camped out at sacred heart community service to register for their holiday food and toy distribution program. the program expects to provide 4,000 food boxes to families for thanksgiving and reach more than 3,000 families for christmas. the development director says they're seeing the same number of people from previous year, evidence that a recovering
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economy is slow to reach people here. >> it's real. this doesn't look like it's going away any time soon because according to the government numbers, census numbers, the recession ended about two or three years ago and that's not what you're seeing here today. >> families can register for that program until 6:00 tonight. the second registration will be held next friday. you can find more information on their website, happening right now, it will be a shopper's dream and simultaneously a commuter's nightmare, at least for a little while. we're talking about the 880/2 interchange. very notorious area. kristie smith is near that interchange in san jose where a ground breaking project is getting started today. kristie, good morning. >> good morning you to, jon. for drivers in the south bay, this is the best news they've
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heard in a long time starting with sweeping changes there right off of stevens creek, the mess where 280 meets 880. it's about to get a major makeover that will signal the end of some backups in areas where you have to slam on the breaks to make it. a ground breaking ceremony just wrapped up at the parking lot at the mall with the transportation authority and a lot of political leaders out here. by next summer a new flyover ramp will be going up at the 50-year old interchange. crews will begin working on stevens creek boulevard overpass, a new entrance to valley fair. the new design will make it possible to exit 880 on to monroe and make it into the mall without fighting traffic on stevens creek. and the short term, though, the work may test drivers even more. >> i know that it will be a burden for neighbors and even for others during the construction time, but we know it's going to be worth it. its it's going to be worth it in terms of ease of mobility and
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it's also going to be worth it in terms of safety. >> now one of the biggest prob blemt spots is north 280 right before 280. backups are big. the cost of all of this, about $62 million, and that includes federal and local funds. the project should be completed by spring of 2015. reporting live in san jose, kristie smith, nbc bay area news. >> another good reason to go to the mall. thank you, christie. new this morning, a scary moment for a south bay family. police said they were called to a san jose home just after 5:00 a.m. after a car came crashing into their garage. you can see the damage here. no one was hurt though, and the fire department was called in top shut off the home's gas just as a precaution. the people in the karan from the scene and officers are investigating whether that car was stolen. marla, this morning walnut creek police searching for two
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men who car jacked and kidnapped a woman from her job parking lot. that woman was leaving her office on wednesday night when she says two men grabbed her, they tied her up and then they put her right in the back of their car. she claims they drove her to several atms looking for money. >> the car and then accosted her, blindfolded her and tied her up. they put her in the back seat of the car. we know they went to a number of different locations where the suspects did get some money from some of her banking accounts. >> and after about four hours the woman says she was then dropped off in the oakland hills. she was able to free herself and she went to a nearby home. that's when she called police. she suffered some minor injuries. right now police looking for two white men in their 20s, possibly driving an older pickup truck with a loud muffler. now police say more arrests are coming following a first of its kind drug bust in the silicon valley. late yesterday s.w.a.t. officers
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raided this apartment. they recovered plants, acid-based solutions and tools used to make a drug called dmt. dmt is in the same class of drugs as lsd but experts say it is ten times stronger. >> it's certainly something that we don't want spread, i mean, that's for sure. from what i know, this is the first of its kind and we definitely don't want it popping up in other cities, especially ours. >> officers arrested two people and detained three others. investigators say it's too early to know if this was a part of a larger operation or if this was a standalone. less than 24 hours after winning re-election the president of the moraga school board resigned. dexter louie sent notice effective immediately. he recused himself on wednesday morning where they discussed a sex abuse lawsuit brought against that district. the remaining board members will
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start reviewing other options to replace loui at a meeting this tuesday. at 11:00, president obama addressing the nation stepping to the mic. he's talking about how congress will solve this possible fiscal cliff this nation faces. and good morning. i'm bob riddell. we're 2:00 away from testing the laws of aerodynamics 30 feet above mccovey cove. will it happen? could it? find outcoming up. and we continue to cover that growing controversy over navy seals and video games. that's ahead in business news.
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that one step would give millions of families, 98% of americans, and 97% of small businesses the certainty that they need going into the new year. in fact, the senate has already passed a bill doing exactly this, so all we need is action from the house. and i've got the pen ready to sign the bill right away. i'm ready to do it. i'm ready to do it. >> house speaker john boehner also spoke today. he said this is president obama's moment and his chance to show he can lead congress to a bipartisan solution. it is a flat out no comment so far from redwood city electronic arts after news one of its video games may cost one of its members s.e.a.l. team 6 team's their job. they were paid to help design those games, right? >> i'm he going to tell you right now, that's not unusual.
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i've met with video game designers for almost 20 years now. at those meetings you often meet with military consultants who help them. in fact, the army has its own video game designed by the army. the problem with this new video game, medal of honor war fighter, is the consultants were navy s.e.a.l.s., special forces. they're supposed to be far more secret. the defense department has told news agencies that several members of the team, including one member who participated in the killing of osama bin laden, have been officially reprimanded for revealing secrets to the game maker. in the military, that can be a career killer. secrets are relative. just explaining how a s.e.a.l. team itself works. e.a. is not in trouble. the military has been participating in a lot of hollywood style projects including allowing them to star
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in a movie six months ago. scott, thank you so much. this weekend some of the most arrow dinomicically aircraft are attempting to fly over mccovey cove. tell us more about saturday's fluke competition. b, don't jump. >> nice shorts. >> what? what? don't pressure me, i might. all right. good morning to you guys. we're talking about the tenth annual red bull competition coming back to san francisco tomorrow where it all started. the gates are going to open at 11:00. the competition itself starts around 1:00. this is where you're going to have 32 teams attempting to fly off this pier that i'm standing on that is roughly 30 feet above mccovey could he have. they'll be judged on distance, in other words, how far away from the pier can they get, creativity, and showman ship with the skits they perform. back out here live in the red
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carlo, in the white, unicorn outfit, brandon. both of them from san francisco. brandon, as we move to the right, we're going to see your creation. what is it? >> that is a flying unicorn, an all-american flying unicorn. everyone knows unicorns are american. >> and the rules were it couldn't be more than 450 pounds, no wider than a 30 foot wing span. what is it made of? >> it's made of magic dust, sparkles, rainbows. super light. been on a diet for some time. >> it's going to explode when it hits the water? >> possibly. if we don't move that bridge we might hit it. >> that's 300 feet. >> that is. this is going to soar. >> speaking of soaring you have a tara dak till. >> this is the last of a breed of elite air force taradyctiles. >> i remember them. what was this made of? >> mostly made of meat and
11:16 am
gorilla glue. we've been working on it for a couple of weeks. >> best of luck and happy flying. actually, when i found out about this assignment this morning, i decided to whip something else up myself. i had spare plywood. since we're in san francisco, this, this is the ultimate ride right here. you're looking at solid wood framed trolly, san francisco trolly. weight of roughly 300 pounds. it has wings. it should fly. i've got my wing men here who are going to -- >> should. should fly. give me a little ride. we're going to see -- i just want to take back as we get into launching position, what do you think i can do? what's your guess on distance? >> i'm predicting a bad finish, bob, to be honest. >> yeah. >> the bad news is, it's only about five feet deep. the good news is, i've got a helmet on. >> i'm going to hand my mic off. i don't think they want me to throw this in. >> bob, we are prepared.
11:17 am
>> yeah, the boss might be watching. >> i hate to be negative but this guy is going nowhere fast. he did have wings. >> better than the unicorn. >> okay. getting the flag. >> bob. >> oh! >> are you okay? >> oh, yes. the judges scored a 10. he stuck the landing. he did. >> and the crowd goes wild here in the newsroom. >> bob riddell. we did get the thumb's up. we do feel good. >> we had a taradyctil, a uniform and bob riddell in shorts. >> in a trolly. >> cold water. cold water. >> police escort. notice that at the end. >> love it. >> sorry they rescued him. >> probably. we do all agree on one thing, unicorns are all-american. good morning to you. we've got a really good looking day shaping up. it's still going to be cold out there, but our air quality is really clean. breathe in that beautiful air. this is san jose. you can see a few clouds
11:18 am
lingering here. you saw san francisco nice and clear. temperatures are cold everywhere. 54 degrees in nevada. you're only at 46 in sonoma. 53 in livermore. you see spotty showers. this is mostly we're anticipating. we get warmer as the sun is out. we have one more batch of wet weather to get through as we head throughout the next couple of hours. this area will arrive in san francisco in 52 minutes. clouds will darken up and we'll get rain. it will move through quickly. highs today in the 50s. 57 in livermore, 56 in fremont and 57 degrees in redwood city. so it's time out what we're expecting in terms of showers. 5:00 p.m. still getting a little bit of lingering activity. we'll see a lot of improvement overnight. by tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m., our last showers come through. we'll clear out of here completely at 9:00 a.m. saturday. then the cold arrives for sunday. i'm expecting widespread frost all across the bay area. look at the numbers. hard to believe.
11:19 am
we were just in record territory in the forecasting lows in the low 30s, possibly the upper 20s in the coldest cities as we wake up on sunday. so you want to keep that in mind if you have agricultural interests. now as we get into veteran's afternoon it's going to be a nice day. 62 degrees. lots of sunshine. if you're trying to make the plans for the weekend, more sunshine on sunday. better day for you. we'll warm up on monday and more rain to get through tuesday into wednesday of next week. never gets boring around here, guys. over to you. >> not even close, christina. coming up at 11:00. an age old crime coming back. how california train robberies are hurting your wallet. then the vice president, mr. joe biden, takes on a second job as an actor. >> announcer: coming up next it's "30 rock" followed by access hollywood live. at 1:00 watch "days of our lives" on the nbc bay area.
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a crime that dates back more than 100 years appears to be making a comeback as nbc investigative reporter steven stock tells us, this is a crime that's costing americans billions of dollars every year. >> reporter: this is one of those crimes that very few people want to talk about but one that impacts every one of us nearly every day. it's thieves stealing tens of thousands, even millions of dollars worth of merchandise right off moving freight trains. and while it may sound like something out of a spaghetti western movie from the wild wild west, we discovered that it's happening all over the country nearly every day and that some of the hottest spots for this theft are right here in california. >> reporter: in a remote place like this one, when the sun goes down, the risk of cargo theft from passing freight trains goes up. >> gone, like that. tens of millions of dollars gone like that. >> it's just easy. it's easy for them to do and to
11:23 am
escape is easy. >> reporter: and it's costing each one of us every time we go to the store. law enforcement officials tell us the hot spots for rail theft start east of oakland then go outside of stockton down to fresno, l.a., and bakersfield. officials say thieves also work the tracks through the desert in arizona and new mexico as well as in the train yards around chicago, atlanta, and new jersey. >> they were to get on board of the trains, when the train takes off they will climb through the containers and through the trailers finding what they want. >> sergeant radolich leads the interdiction team out of oakland. >> they'll cut a hole either in the top of the trailer or outside the trailer from the flatbed that it's traveling on. when the train pulls over, they'll unload the cargo, they'll get off and they'll call the chase car or van to come pick them up. >> we're talking about criminals
11:24 am
being allowed to operate freely. it's a problem. >> with impunity. >> correct. >> and you and i have to pay for it? >> we've got to pay for it. >> reporter: coming up tonight we will take you out to some of the remote spots right here in california where train thieves lie in wait. we'll also take you undercover with federal agents and you can see for yourself this crime in action. that's all tonight at 11:00. for now, in the newsroom, i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, steven. when we come back, the vice president, he goes primetime. a well-kept secret that has joe biden adding to his day job.
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the election is over and the secret is now out. vice president joe biden is making his primetime debut right here on nbc. 2024. i win, we move in there. >> kind of got you an engagement president. >> joe biden? >> yeah, it's joe biden.
11:27 am
come on. >> it is joe biden making a cameo appearance on "parks and recs." it was hard keeping biden's appearance a secret because it could not air before the election because it was equivalent to a campaign advertisement and the s.e.c. requires all stations to give equal time to each candidate. >> both the president and vice president watch the show each week with their families. "parks and recs" airs at 9:30. >> joe was preparing for life after politics. >> well, hey, why not? >> i think the guy's got skills. the big deal. >> i'm sure jimmy fallon and the rest of the late night people are going to have a field day with it. >> i'm sure they will. >> thank you for being with us. have a great day, everybody. join us at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00.
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